About KLT Fruits Inc.

Established in 1984, KLT Fruits incorporated manufactures tropical fruit based products offers to major markets globally. The company is diverse rendering technical services which includes client product information, client process parameters, and new product development.

Our core strength concentrated on product, market and production knowledge thru our expertise in more than 35 years. KLT sustains strong partnership thru providing adequate solution to client’s needs.

Our company invest in the infrastructure key components thru equipment, system and its people. We ensure up-to-date measurements on the latest trend in food processing to meet quality standards.

Our company design to be flexible in fruit ingredients to supply to the changing globe food industry requirements. AS a tropical fruit key player, KLT synthesizes standard formulation and develops products for direct use in end-products.

Our Mission

To be leading food company engaged in the production and distribution of industrial as well as institutional and ready to consume food products for domestic and export markets.

Our Vision

Our business mission is to be able to process and market all natural, safe and nutritious food products that meets changing customer demands. The company also supplies high quality and safe processed fruits as ingredients to other food manufacturers around the world, in a sustainable manner that meets the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, including its customer, employee, suppliers and stockholders.

KLT Fruit's History

Cool Timeline


28 Nov, 1984

Incorporation of KLT Fruits


08 Aug, 1988

Introduced aseptic processing technology in Asia Pacific


14 Dec, 1990

Cited for coveted Golden Shell Award


12 Jun, 1992

Invested in $12-M state of the art plant facility


09 May, 1995

Constructed second production line for RBJ


06 Jun, 1997

EVP elected “International Who’s Who”


01 Mar, 2001

Increased plant capacity from 4-metric tons per hour to 7-metric tons per hour


08 Sep, 2003

Expansion of KLT product line into fruit solids


09 Sep, 2006

Increased plant capacity from 6-metric tons per hour to 9-metric tons per hour


19 Apr, 2007

ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified

People Behind KLT


KLT employs a mix of experienced professional managers with diverse expertise and background in food technology, engineering, finance and marketing.


KLT’s team of highly educated and skilled production crew has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing tropical fruit purees, concentrates, jams and preserves.


The company maintains a specially trained technical team that oversees the quality and production process of KLT.

Fruit Farmers

KLT has more than 3 decades of partnership with large and small fruit traders and farmers in the Philippine archipelago.

KLT Fruits Incorporated